A fresh coat of paint

A refreshing of our lab website was long overdue, and so today marks the beginning of Hybiskelab v3.0. For historical record keeping, v1.0 was a home-brew, self-hosted version and v2.0 was hosted for several serviceable years at Squarespace. From a design standpoint, Squarespace is simply wonderful and powerful. Alas, with means expired to subsidize their beefy hosting costs, it was time to find a new home. Enter WordPress.

I balked at using WordPress several years ago because I dismissed it as a blog-centric platform, and I had zero desire to write blog entries. Times change, however, and I have become increasingly aware of many full-fledged (and blog-averse) sites running on WordPress. Also other labs I have great respect for, such as that of my wonderful colleague Russell Vance (I will admit I cribbed our theme from his great lab website).

Going forward, we are going to do a much better of keeping the lab website up to date with new publications, changes to our team, and even the occasional blog update – 😱!

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