The Hybiske lab is always interested in hearing from prospective graduate students, postdocs, and fellows. We are part of a growing nexus of interdepartmental research in microbial pathogenesis, infectious diseases, and global health at the University of Washington. We also promote collaborative interactions with STD groups, Global Health, Microbiology, the Center for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases, CIDR, and CIIID. 

Prospective graduate students

You must apply (and be accepted by) the Pathobiology PhD Program.

Postdocs and fellows

No current openings available.

Undergraduate students

UW students majoring in Microbiology or similar areas are encouraged to appy. Contact Kevin by email to inquire about possible openings. Please provide a copy of your current academic transcript, a resume, and a detailed statement of why you are a good fit for our possible needs