The UW Chlamydia repository

We oversee one of the world’s largest collections of Chlamydia reference strains and low passage clinical isolates of all C. trachomatis serovars. This archive was amassed by a decades-long effort led by Walt Stamm, and remains a unique and invaluable resource for the broader Chlamydia research community. All strains are de-identified and contain information about the anatomic site of collection and date of collection.

Chlamydia mutant strains

We intend to make all engineered Chlamydia mutant strains available upon request to the research community. Efforts are in progress to annotate all mutants and their respective genotypes in ChlamBase. We are also making arrangements for all mutant strains to be deposited at BEI Resources for archival and improved access by the field.


Plasmids produced by our lab are available upon request. We also may deposit plasmids to our existing collection at Addgene.


Our lab possesses unique expertise (i.e., Bob Suchland) that has frequently been leveraged by biopharma and academic groups. Please contact us directly to discuss any of these services.

C. trachomatis strains

High titer stocks of reference and low-passage clinical strains of C. trachomatis can be produced for a range of downstream applications.

MIC testing

Using a modified approach of standard minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) testing, we can perform antimicrobial susceptibility testing against a characterized panel of Chlamydia reference and clinical strains.

Molecular serology

We offer the technology to perform serological testing against patient sera. This is a C. trachomatis specific platform that offers great sensitivity and specificity compared to other assays in common use.